Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Years Ago

 I took this photo on my first day in Lolo.  I remember it vividly as Levi sent Way of the Samurai that day.  If I remember correctly, Levi said "it feels good to have new blood in Lolo" and attributed his psyche to send to my new found presence in the maze of Lolo.  Later we met up with Dean in the Journeymen boulders, tried a sharp project and proceeded to do hood rat things.  I think I sent Hooray for Boobies that day but got pounded by everything else I tried.  Ultimately that is Lolo for me.  Random fits of strength occur rarely for me here and when they do I take great pleasure in them.  The whole experience is what makes Lolo so different from other areas I have climbed in.  It's not all about the bouldering.  It's the mantrums, slogging uphill, flappers, debauchery and company that keeps me coming back.  Masochism at its finest perhaps. 

This blog may seem like an attempt to stroke our egos and potentially it is.  But that's not our main desire.  I know there are climbers in Missoula and beyond that are interested in what Lolo is and is going to become.  Most times we may seem inapproachable, which is probably true.  We are introverts, assholes and selfish.  Let this serve as a bridge to what we can't express in person. 

 The Hideout

Hiding Out

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