Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Warlock Photos - Lolo Update

A few photos of Levi on the ultra clean Warlock Project.  This boulder is located in the middle of nowhere.  TMAX-100 from the Canon AE-1. 

In other news I woke up at the 4200 gate to go hunting on Tuesday morning.  4 inches of fresh snow and more to come.  Butte season already?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Big in Japan

  Today is the Butte Bouldering Bash and, unfortunately, I won't be joining the crowds to sample some of Butte's finest. I have nothing but respect for the guys over there getting out all the time and putting in work to search out new stone. I, however, will be honoring the hardworking few by getting out of the gray hole of Missoula and spending my time alone and in the woods. The gate to 4200 closes this Monday so here is the last chance to enjoy driving the road at break-neck speeds over washboards and loose gravel to hop out, slam a beer, shoot the empty can and then go climbing minutes from the road. I plan to celebrate the closing of the gate by blowing up a small piece of this beautifully fucked up country and chopping down trees with my pistol. This also means Granite Ridge, Elk Rock, and the Euro Stone will be all but shut down for the season except for the diehards and masochists willing to subject themselves to a long and cold walk uphill for 30+ minutes.

This is what we have been doing as told through pictures and broken sentences. Enjoy.

Spying a potential gem.

The Warlock Project. Small pockets, heel hook cross to smaller pockets and heinous top.

The amazing one-finger start to Firepower Arete V6

Dylan on the 3rd ascent of Firepower arete. Long moves to a tenuous and blank top.

Dylan on the high point of Big in Japan project which should now be an established problem, but he's a pussy. A beautiful boulder that is about 20-25 feet tall. Starts with an amazing undercling to small holds made manageable by growing a few inches to surfing the casual middle and keeping your head about you for the delicate top. Classic.

Levi on the opening move to show scale.

Lastly, everyone should be skipping as much gym time as possible and getting outside because snow is coming and the season is approaching the end.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


John is new to town and he seems like a crusher.  I met him the other day at the Dark Room and he seems like an honest guy with good intentions with the ability to squeeze Lolo granite like its nobody's business.  Video: 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Cold temps have arrived.  Yesterday was a lovely preview of what is to come for the fall season.  Fall season is the best season by the way.  Managed to get out for a few hours in the mindfuck temperature of 40 degrees.  Not cold by anymeans but when tanktops and shorts have been the norm it certainly takes some time to adjust.  So you could go to reel rock tour tonight, get pysched and crush it at the gym.  Or you could get outside and realize how primetime it is.  To poundtown we go!