Monday, February 4, 2013

Desert Part II and the Trailers

Dean, Levi and I made our way over to the Batholith this past Sunday seeking sun, boulders, beers and not the Super Bowl.  We started off at the Trailers and ended up at the Desert on our way out.  Some photos:

Post 4runner mobbing.  Almost like an atv or motorbike.

Dean on Blood Feather

Dean feeling out the start to Optronic Eye

Deanis soakin' up the sun

More sun soaking

Heart of Darkness

Dean on the FA of a new slab on the Mastadon Boulder

End of the day beta trance

All in all a very good.  Dean got the FA of a slab we cleaned a couple weekends ago.  Levi did the Optronic Eye among others.  I sent Heart of Darkness in a couple tries.  I got some video of Levi on Optronic Eye and Dean got some video of my Heart of Darkness send.  Once I figure out why my iPhone won't be friends with my 6 year old Macbook, a video will be up along with Odenbeck's send from the other weekend.

Until next time we have a newly set 45 wall to session.  Feels like another style after climbing on the 55 for a few months.  Cheers.