Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lolo & Whiskey

  Been busy and getting after it. Checked out the Starship Project and it still looks hard but there are great problems on the other side. Big Medicine turns out to be a v6 one-move wonder sideways dyno that Dylan and I both did second go. Healing, just to the left of Big Medicine, is a sharp and very worthy v7ish that I managed before my skin completely failed me. The gate remains closed but the temperature is great so we have been motivated.

  Rallied with Brandon and Molly to Whiskey. Brandon repeated Inertia and Molly nearly flashed Tuna Juice. I failed to come through with my part of a team send for the day but it was near perfect otherwise. Joe came over from Bozeman to show us some new problems that were really high quality. 

  Can't remember the names but the left line clocks in around v8 and has spectacular movement. Joe nearly tied it all together but came off the last move. The picture on the right is of a very stretched first move and is nothing but compression to the top. Both are top notch.

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