Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Lolo Season

Opium Den

Cosmic Damage

Montana Meat Curtains

  Went to the Opium Den Monday and it was prime weather. It was great to yard on Lolo pockets and try the unique hard problems that litter the hillside. Dylan finished up Montana Meat Curtains while I continued to slap the jug. The opening moves are easy but require balance which lead to a large throw up and left to the flat jug. We then went up the hill to Opium Den which was done a few years ago by Nasty Neeley and wasn't repeated until last year. John Yang almost flashed it but ripped one of the crimps on the top off and returned to clean it up. Unfortunately, he couldn't top it out due to snow. Dylan and I sussed it out and made great progress sorting the feet out and trying the crux. Long pulls between jugs and a large move out the horizontal roof lead to small crimps. This is easily one of Lolo's best and hardest. Down the hill lies Cosmic Damage which Dylan tried a few times. A great sustained line straight out a roof with a mono finger lock. Painful for sure but well worth it and is great to watch people rip off of. Shot the 9mm and mobbed through massive mud puddles. Lolo season is here. Go out and get it.

Things to come.

Also realized Dexter is Beaker

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  1. Not to be confused, I posted this under Dylan's handle. Otherwise, it would look like he was talking about himself in the third person... weird.