Saturday, April 6, 2013


Finally got around to showing Justin some choss piles in Whiskey Gulch.  Some bouldering took place on said choss piles.  

Iskra getting some from Rocko

Me as well.

Yep, still hard.

Caught in the Act, V8 going on V-Impossible

Tuna Juice in the rain.  I love this problem.

 J-bone figuring out the Tuna

And then we took a dump on the Senile boulder

Post send of La Dolce Vita, ruined.

Victory blasts with the 9mm XD

Victory beers with the Pabst Blue Ribbon

Fucking rainbows and care bears up in Whiskey Gulch

A fucking great day to be sure.  Iskra got a quick send of Arthritis.  I managed to do Tuna Juice, Loose Tuna and La Dolce Vita.  I probably won't climb that well ever again.  

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