Sunday, May 5, 2013

Farewell Tour 2013

My tenure of Missoula climbing is rapidly coming to a close.  For almost 6 years I’ve learned how to climb and appreciate the beautiful locales around Missoula.  I’ve met so many great people who share the same passion, intrigued by the unknown choss that lurks in the dense and hypnotic forests of western Montana.  I’ve also met many douchebags.  Y’all can fuck off.  Really, you know who you are.

The past 4 years I’ve had the pleasure to join along in an adventure of developing Lolo with a small group of friends.  By developing, I mostly mean watching Levi crush everything and getting sloppy seconds or thirds.  I had my moments and firsts, but there isn’t much to say beyond that.

As I move on to more important things in my life in the next few weeks, I can’t help but reminisce on my time spent in Lolo.  I’ve learned so much from my experiences climbing, exploring, drinking, puking, and hunting in this place.  I’ve learned that grouse are an easy meal after bouldering.  I’ve also learned to smear on nothing.  The most important lesson I’ve learned however isn’t climbing the hardest or highest boulder, but that time spent with friends is invaluable.  Justin, Levi, Dean, Rob, and that turdburglar Sam, every Lolo trip was worth it and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to get out, even if it was raining, snowing or 90 degrees. 

For the remainder of my time in Montana I will be living out of my 4Runner with my dog, climbing almost everyday.  There are many things I want to get done before I leave, but some things will have to wait until a later date.  My ticklist includes:

Big in Japan Project
Flying Lotus
The Warlock Project
Digby Does Dallas Project
Angels and Demons
The Jesus Project

These problems sound obscure to even people who have climbed in Lolo.  If anyone, anyone at all, wants beta on Lolo, I’m opening the floodgates.  Do not hesitate to comment or email me for beta on problems or areas. 

To my best friends and climbing partners:  it’s been the time of my life, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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