Monday, May 20, 2013

The End

  Glad to see all the people that came out. Plenty of new faces got to see all them boulders. Just kidding, nobody came. Instead, we raged at Lolo . Guns, beer, more beer, more guns, no rain, climbing, climbing, climbing. More sends than that place has seen in ages. Problems on lockdown, cleaning boulders by doing them first try. Lolo, you are so good to us and will be missed.
And now, pictures.

Dylan's favorite warm-up. Boobies V6.

Rob flashing Ginger V4gofuckyourself. 

Not in Public V7. The direct finish for full value. 

Succubus V7. 3rd ascent?

Heartbroken V9. Still breaking hearts.

Lichen Grinder V4.

Great White V7 and Rob making it look easy.

Scrubbing future projects to come back to and clean up years from now. Or never.

A fraction of the fun.

200 pounds of shit your pants.

Family photo.

It has been great, boys. Fuck you, we're out.

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