Monday, May 13, 2013

The Iron Curtain

  The first week of the farewell tour was a hot and dirty one. Scrubbed plenty of new lines and put up a few. Hiked through miles of forests and saw plenty of rock, some of which was climbable and really good. Went sport climbing which I'm still terrible at. Brandon and Molly met us to climb and camp and drink. Showed them some of the newer lines that have gone up and revisited classics.

  Before the bouldering at Lolo started being developed, Lolo remained mostly quiet and didn't see much action except for a few diehard sport climbers and tradsters. A few choice lines that a few people would climb to escape the crowds and enjoy the wilderness. The same can be said about the bouldering. A few people that routinely and tirelessly went out to search and develop the climbing. Those dedicated few developed entire areas over the years that have seen very little traffic. Since I moved here two years ago, I haven't seen any other people amongst the boulders yet those few continue to work hard at what they love to do. In that process, trails were blazed, landings were built, rocks were moved, rocks were cleaned, chalked, and climbed. Rarely were they repeated. My friends and I are those people that spends hours in the woods cleaning and sometimes doing lines that may never see another ascent for 5-10 years. When we leave, the bouldering in Lolo will all but disappear and many of the problems will once again fall into obscurity. The question I'm left asking myself is, why do it if nobody will ever get to enjoy it like we have? With my departure coming soon, I dwell on this question.

Now for pictures and brief descriptions.

Passion Slab v2 at the Hideout. A line I spied last year and put up last week. Here Dylan and Rob get the second and third ascents. Great feet to start to thin holds that lead to a glory jug. Tall and delightfully thin to a juggy top.

Dylan on I Heart Rock v3 at the Hideout.

Digby Does Dallas Project at the Hideout. An all-but-forgotten line which we began to unlock the sequence. Wonderful movement on atypical rock.

Dylan getting the first ascent of the true start to Big In Japan v7 at the Hideout. Levi had done the line last year as a jump start and Dylan did it from the lower and natural start. Amazing undercling to an awkward right hand then a left hand jug followed by surfing good holds to a horrifyingly tall topout. Nice job, Douliard!

Molly crushing the Gerbler Dyno v3 at the River Block. A brick for a right hand and good sidepull for your left and punch it to the top. This line could go out right from the brick or left off a sidepull. A pull-up hand clap for man points on the topout. Dylan nabbed the first ascent and then proceeded to gangbang it.

I was belay slave for Rob while he crushed That Hard One 11b and Cappuccino Cowboy 12a

Dylan got the FA of Tropic Thunder v7 at the Random Events wall and I sent the next go. 

  I want to invite anyone who reads this blog and can appreciate fun to come out this Saturday for one wild get together. The gate opens Saturday and we are celebrating in good ol Mantana style. A yearly ritual expressed more vibrantly this year to commemorate the great times at Lolo with great friends and send off to remember. A keg of beer at the gate and extremely hungover tours to follow on Sunday. Lolo is a vast wilderness with rock tucked in almost every corner simply waiting for the adventurous spirit to find it and we welcome anyone interested in it to join us.

Fuck. That was long.

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